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158cm D-cup Model: 158-83-158



158cm DD-cup
Model: 158-83-158

   Reg: $1599.00
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This product have high quality standard in the industries.
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You can choose Eyes and Wig colour
Also we offer discretion packaging on request


• Material : Platinum TPE
• Height : 158cm
• Bust : 83cm
• Lower Bust : 56cm
• Waist : 50cm
• Hips : 78cm
• Length of Arm : 63cm
• Feet : 21cm
• Depth of Oral : 13cm
• Depth of Anal : 16cm
• Depth of Vagina : 18cm
• Weight : 30.75kg
• Carton Size : 148x40x30cm

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Note: Vagina colour will be the same as Areola nipples

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